Passionate about both software engineering and education; I am eager to continue my academic endevour at Make School


My love for computer science began midway through middle school and has only grown since. From a mixture of both self-teaching and classroom experience I am now an avid Java, Javascript, and developer and familiar with Android development. I love to face challenges and adapt to new problems faced, learning to use new tools along the way. I am excited to be apart of the Make School community, confident in his ability to exit as a exceptional web developer.


What's Playing

Make School Term 1 Intesive

What's Playing is a interpersonal music sharing platform. Built to combat stale music listening trends, What's Playing allows users to share music to friends and family, both directly and via follower or global feeds.

Make Dash

Make School Term 2 Work in Progress

Make Dash is a replacement for Make School's current progress tracker system. With the ongoing accrediation process, students will no longer be permitted to view eachother's progress. My team's goal is to provide a streamlined, beautiful service that allows teachers to track their students' progress while also allowing students to see how they compare to the rest of the class.

Stream Raid

TwitchCon 2018 Hackathon

Stream Raid was a built by a team of three aiming to increase Twitch subscription gratification as well as boost interactions between viewers. What was created was a interactive in-stream module featuring a raid boss which required viewers to repeatedly click to attack and eventually kill.